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Which document is required for verifying payment accounts for Nigerians?

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When it comes to making payment and receiving payments in Nigeria, paypal and payoneer are the most available ones for us but unfortunately, paypal only allow Nigerians to open account and spend money from their account but you cannot use the account to receive money. So if all you want is just to make payment online and not to receive payment, you can open a paypal account for free. No ID is required for the basic personal account but if you want to go for business account, you will require ID documents.

As for payoneer, you can use it receive money worldwide in three major currencies and get your money in Nigeria using bank transfer from your account or using their atm card that would be shipped to you when you open an account.

However, you must verify your payoneer account with any of the following

International passport: Many people don’t have this document in Nigeria. If you are not planning to travel, what is the purpose of spending money to prepare an International passport that you will just dump at home.

Drivers Licence: Many people don’t have this. If you don’t have a car, will you like to go and spend your money preparing a Drivers Licence and dump it at home

National ID Card: Many Nigerians only have the national identification number slip. Unfortunately, you cannot use your mere slip to verify payoneer account because they will not accept it. They may allow you to open your account with it in order to lure you in but later, they will lock your account and ask you to provide the real ID card or any of the two above.

Voter’s Card: The option for voter’s card is not in payoneer registration form. So it is not eligible. You can upload your voter’s card in the national ID option but later, they will lock your account and ask you to provide any of the three above.     

So, National ID Card is the least that payoneer can accept for your account but if you have only the slip and no plastic card, what do you do? We will help you to design your personal National ID Card which you can use open or verify any account online. For full details, visit  

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