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We will Design Your National ID Card for Online Transactions

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Don’t be frustrated again because you don’t have national ID card for your online transactions. The solution is here.

You can now use your national ID card on foreign websites and companies such as payoneer, Paypal, foreign banks, foreign schools, job websites, forex websites, binary options, money transfer etc.

Questions You May Want to Ask

Will you send me the plastic print out?

No, we will only send you the design image which you can download to your computer / device and upload directly to the website you want to use it for.

Can I also print it on plastic?

Yes, we will send you the plastic printing option. The printing option image is large. It is the one that business centre people will use to print it on a card for you.

Will the website that I want to use it for accept the design?

Yes, you must make sure that the website accepts national ID card as an option. We also advise that you should make effort to print it on plastic. As for payoneer, you must print it on plastic or on paper and then snap it with your camera phone and upload the snapped one.

Must I provide my NIN (National Identification Number)?

Yes, you must have registered and obtained the NIN

Why must I need the National Identification Number on the card?

The NIN is the real you. That is the number that any firm/website/company can use to run a background check about you. When they enter the number into a database, all your profile will display.

The national ID card suppose to contain ATM activation. Will you activate it with ATM?

No. NIMC will be removing the ATM feature on the card.

Since the card / design will not be activated with ATM, what is the ATM number doing there?

Government template for the national ID card has the ATM number. We have to adopt the same template for the design even though the ATM number is not functional.

What am I required to provide for the design?

Requirements for designing your card

  1. National Identification Number (NIN)
  2. Passport photo
  3. Date of birth
  4. Height
  5. Phone number
  6. Occupation
  7. Home address
  8. First Name
  9. Middle Name
  10. Surname
  11. Gender

Send to

Email Address: [email protected]

How much do you charge for the design?

We charge only ₦700.00 per design.

Will I make payment before the job or after the job?

After we have completed the design, a sample copy would be sent to you first. 

Act fast now, don’t be frustrated again because you don’t have national ID card

Contact Email Address: [email protected]

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