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Make money working as a private home car wash in Nigeria

Make Money

Do you know you can make good money washing car for people at homes? So many car owners are business men and women, others are busy workers, so they have no time to carry their cars to the car wash centers for washing.

You can now meet their demands going to wash their cars at homes in the nights and evenings when they are at homes. You should be able to work at late hours and you will charge more for this.

You should have knowledge of car washing and have some car washing tools such as brush, short brooms etc.

How to get jobs

You can post free ads on or tell friends and families about your business. These people can link you up to people who need your service. You can as well approach some car owners around you and talk to them.

If you have about five people that you go to wash their cars in the evenings, you will be making a lot of money. You can as well do some other things during the day to make more money/

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