Nigerian Business Market

Advertising is very important in any business you run in Nigeria


If you are rendering a service or producing a product, you need to create awareness so that people can know what you produce and the kind of service you render.

There are various ways you can advertise your product or service.

Word of mouth: This is a kind of free advertising but the disadvantage is that, you cannot reach many people.

Media advertising: This is a kind of advertising that is done on newspapers, magazines, radios and televisions. Though they are expensive but you will reach more people. Before you use any of these mediums to advertise, make sure they have good readers and audience so that you will not waste your money as money paid for this type of advertising is not refundable.

Online advertising: This is the modern day advertising that is really yielding results. Many businesses have thrived through this type of advertising.  The good thing about this type of advertising is that, you only pay when people see your ads; so what you get is what you pay for.

Creating a good product or service: If you have a good product, the product can be advertising itself and people who bought the product from you will be indirectly advertising the product for you without you knowing. So it is better for you to first create a good product or render a good service.

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