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Receive your earnings/payments through paypal here in Nigeria

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We all know that paypal only allowed Nigerians to open an account only to be making payments and not to be receiving payments in Nigeria.

Many of us do jobs or sell things online but the only payment option to receive payment is paypal.

Some Nigerians have sold ebooks and have written articles on how you can open paypal account that can receive payments using back doors. Up till today, they are not still working. Worry no more, the solution has come.

I will show you how you can now receive your earnings/payments from those websites that pay you through paypal here in Nigeria without having a paypal account at all. I repeat, you don’t need to have any paypal account to receive your money. I receive my payments through this method too and it has been working for me like magic. I sell ebooks on and

This guide is a seven pages information that will be too much to publish here, so that is why I decided to make it a mini PDF ebook that goes for just 350 naira.

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